BFC - Back Fill Compound

Back Fill Compound

Back Fill Compound is a supreme quality Chemical Earthing Combination which can achieve lower ohmic value in tricky soil like rocky or sandy soil having high soil resistivity value.

BFC is a unique combination of ace graded granulated chemicals or Minerals which are Highly Electric Conductive and of High water retaining Capacity

BFC is basically an Earth filling compound having hydrated aluminum silicate as its essential element, which it has a natural tendency to absorb a huge amount of water and transform itself into a thick jelly when it comes in contact with water. BFC is a fine composite of prime quality leading non corrosive minerals.

BFC helps Earthing Electrodes and Rods to increase its surface area and to decrease the earth's resistance.

BFC is widely used and approved by MOD, Railways, Electric Utility Manufactures and Water Utility Manufactures which help their products work in an advantageous ways.

  • Confirms IEC 62561-7 standard, which includes Leaching Test, Corrosion Test, Sulfur Test and Resistivity Test to check the efficiency of compound on environmental          regulations.
  • It curbs Soil Resistance
  • It binds Moisture for a longer period of time
  • It helps to throw away the fault current at a faster rate
  • It Elongates and Augments the life of the Earthing System
  • It Does not allow in varying fluctuation of Ohmic Value
  • It Depletes the usage of Salt and Charcoal around the Electrode
  • Holds its Surface and Shape ?
  • It has a capacity to absorb thirteen times its volume
  • It strengthens the consistency between Soil and Rod Contact
  • Easily compressible
  • Zero maintenance after installation
  • Harmless to soil and local water table

Proficiently Made:

BFC is a strategically designed and proven which can be extensively applied at places like Power Generation/ Distribution Plants, Oil, Gas, Rail Manufacturing, etc. It is proficiently made to suit all types of soil conditions including granite, sand, glacial rock and hard ground

Cost Effective:

Usage of BFC decreases the cost of Drilling, Installation and Maintenance.

Mechanical Strength:

BFC provides high mechanical strength that maintains the integrity of the Earthing system, even in corrosive soil conditions.

Quick Dry:

The special formulation of BFC helps to dry quickly and doesn't need soil aggregation.