Quality Control

  • Quality of the Product

    Saara Earthing’s power protectors have CPRI, PWD and other Government mark of approval, and many of these products are specified by major users, such as Transformers, Productions Plants, Refineries, IT Parks, Health and Hospitality Segment to name a few. During the infancy stage of few IT parks, Leisure companies, they made use of Saara Earthing expertise and protection devices to protect their installations from lightning and surge damage.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our Company has been listed with ISO:9001 quality assurance program.

  • Quality Service & Support

    Ongoing training programs are provided for all personnel to create a continuous quality of service and installation awareness. It has had a very positive response from clients. Saara has been appointed by a large number of Industries as their accredited supplier and contractor.

  • Experience

    Saara’s founders has been involved in this segment for more than a decade and a half. The company has been actively involved with Earthing and Lightning protection. Saara has also operated as both supplier and consultant for numerous projects outside Indian borders.