Molecular Safe System

Molecular Safe System

Continuing the tradition of technical leadership, ESTWELD® SAFE was developed as a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections.

This trusted system now features a new ESTWELD SAFE cup design for the integrated welding material package which has streamlined the installation process by eliminat- ing ignition materials.

The tamper proof, integrated welding material package consists of a copper cup containing ESTWELD® SAFE patented welding material alloys and an ignition source.

This newly shaped welding material package is designed for use in all standard ESTWELD® SAFE molds. Once placed in the ESTWELD® SAFE mold, the welding material is electronically ignited using a simple battery-powered control unit with a six-foot lead.

  • Consists of a tamper proof, disposable moisture-resistant welding material cup. The welding material, disk and ignition source are incorporated into the self-contained package
  • Long shelf life
  • Completes welds at distances of up to 6 ft/1.8 meters (can be extended)
  • Requires minimum components – no starting material, no disks, no flint igniters
  • Easy to handle, store and transport – by air, land or sea in unlimited quantities
  • Reduces installation time by 20%
  • Has safety-certified electronic igniter is designed for 500 connections with one set of 8 standard AA batteries (included) – requiring no special batteries or chargers
  • Designed for use in standard ESTWELD® SAFE molds
  • Integrated Welding Material Package
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Replaceable Six foot or lengthenable Control Unit Lead
  • Smoke Filter Mold
  • Simplifies training and set up
  • Saves labor
  • Simplifies cleaning
  • No starting material required
  • Easy ignition
  • Increased flexibility in hard to reach areas
  • Prevent sparks and produce minimal smoke
  • Can be used in a specific place
  • ESTWELD® SAFE high-voltage welding system can weld different sections copper cables.
  • ESTWELD® SAFE connections can be made easily with minimal training.
  • ESTWELD® SAFE weld is small –handling is simple after welding
  • Specially designed weld profile for high-voltage applications.
  • No external power or heat source required. Has a current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor.
  • Permanent molecular bond will not deteriorate with age, cannot loosen or corrode.
  • Will withstand repeated faults, is made with lightweight equipment, has low labor cost and is time saving on jobsites.